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Atam cable entry connectors now VDE approved

Atam cable entry connectors now VDE approved

VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) – the highest authority in regulations for electrical technologies – has certified Atam’s KA and KB cable entry connectors in compliance with the DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470) standard. Atam has therefore become Italy’s first company to join a restricted club of European companies that have obtained this prestigious certification, thanks to the high quality and reliability of its products, which are globally used by major solenoid valve manufacturers.

Having integrated the CNE line and heavily invested in products and production processes, Atam can now offer a complete range of connectors for solenoid valves, which stand out also for the custom solutions developed with our customers. These connectors are also available in the cable entry version, such as the KA and KB lines, or with moulded cables. They are intended for various fields of application and can be assembled on state-of-the-art production lines for both productivity and product quality check purposes.

The technical synergy between the development and production of encapsulated coils and industrial connectors and a state-of-the-art laboratory allows Atam to simulate the combined suitability of the two products under any condition. This way, the company says it is able to provide its customers with optimal solutions in terms of reliability, quality and affordability.

KA and KB connectors stand out for their strong design and the enclosure’s housing, which facilitate faster and easier wiring operations. KA and KB connectors feature a one-piece electrical contact made with automated and high productivity shearing moulds (15,000 workpieces/hour). State-of-the-art machines check the quality of the electric contact of every workpiece. Every finished connector comes with a contact provided with an integrated mechanical protection between the fixing screw and the cable.

Both KA and KB lines include standard connectors and connectors manufactured with electronic control circuits to provide additional functions, such as LED visual indication, protection against overvoltage, rectifiers, etc. The KA-A3 series deserves special attention, as it is equipped with a PWM control circuit designed to activate solenoid valves while optimising energy consumption.

The KA-A3 connector controls the power, and thus the energy provided to the solenoid valve, maximising it when the solenoid valve has to overcome the magnetic and mechanical forces required to position the mobile core inside the valve, then reducing power to a subsequent stage, when full power is no longer necessary. This prevents the solenoid valve from heating up. KA-A3 auto-adjusts the solenoid valve current based on the input voltage so for battery powered applications the load is reduced to prolong battery life.

Besides the two VDE-approved lines, there is an additional series of KA connectors carrying the UL marking, which is required for applications in the North American market. These types of connectors are made with special flame-retardant materials.

Atam’s KA and KB connectors are resistant to water and dust (IP65) and, therefore, perfect for pneumatic and hydraulic applications.


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