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Festo introduces the MS2 – its smallest and lightest air preparation unit to date

Festo introduces the MS2 – its smallest and lightest air preparation unit to date

The new MS2 air preparation units from industrial automation specialist Festo allows machine builders and design engineers to put precision and accuracy close to the process without compromising on flow rates. The MS2 is designed to deliver the optimum combination of compact design, low weight and high flow rates that are ideally suited to end of arm tooling applications in electronics and small parts assembly.

Aruj Abbas, Festo Product Manager, says: “We believe that our new MS2 air regulators and filters are the smallest currently available on the market. They not only deliver superior control performance but also their size envelope allows installation directly on moving components in dynamic applications such as pick and place, which makes the latter extremely responsive. Being so light, these MS2 units have negligible or no effect on the kinematics of the machine or system on which they are placed.”

The MS2 LR compressed air regulator weighs in at just 28g-31g, while the MS2 LFR filter weighs no more than 38g. In addition, these air preparation units feature clever integrated push-in fittings, which remove the need for connecting plates or additional parts: reducing assembly time and cost, and delivering space savings of up to 40%.

MS2 units are up to 50% lighter than rival components with comparative flow rates. They are made from state-of-the-art polymer materials, which makes them robust as well as light. For such diminutive products, they offer a best-in-class flow rate: 350 l/min for the pressure regulator and 310 l/min for the filter regulator, using a 5µ filter. Tubing with an outside diameter of 6mm can be connected directly to the MS2 when using QS6 connections.

Concludes Abbas: “Festo has been employing the MS2 regulators in testing, gripping and handling applications within their own manufacturing facilities for some time, so we are confident about the performance, space and cost benefits they can deliver. Now, they are being made available to customers worldwide as a valued addition to Festo’s core product range, meaning they are competitively priced and stocked locally for fast delivery.”

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