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Norgren’s AMT air dryer delivers 10 year maintenance-free capability

Norgren’s AMT air dryer delivers 10 year maintenance-free capability

Norgren’s patented AMT dryer – already used on train fleets across the globe – has achieved a new benchmark for effectiveness in the rail sector. Following a decade long data analysis of performance levels and use on busy rail operations in severe environments, it has been confirmed that the innovative compressed air dryer solution is capable of sustained functional excellence without the need for maintenance for up to ten years.

The Norgren AMT dryer has a design lifespan of 30 years in line with a typical train design life.  The ability of the Norgren AMT dryer to operate maintenance free for ten years means that over a typical rolling stock lifecycle, operators may only need to service the Norgren AMT dryer twice, compared to the 14 times  typically required for other rail dryers systems.

With vehicle manufacturers and maintenance engineers looking to extend major maintenance and overhaul intervals from six to eight and ultimately up to ten years, Norgren’s AMT dryer is now capable of supporting this ambitious objective.

Delivering what are claimed to be unmatched life cycle cost savings, the Norgren AMT solution is setting a new standard for performance and long-term cost efficiencies.

Steve Hill, Rail Global Sales and Marketing Director, Norgren, comments: “It’s one thing to carry out the required rail testing, validation and simulated life testing, but as everyone associated with the rail industry knows, it is a completely different story when assessing product performance in the real world, on all kinds of rail vehicles and operating within varied environments on a global scale”

“By combining our internal data accumulated over the past ten years, along with detailed long term analysis of dryer performance taken from the field in challenging conditions, we are proud to be able to confirm that the Norgren AMT dryer can offer up to ten years maintenance free life and thereby sets a new standard that will be warmly welcomed by the rail industry”

“Through the dedication and hard work of Norgren’s AMT expert engineers and the support of customers across the world we have now reached a new measure of excellence for compressed air dryers on rail vehicles, which is around five times more than conventional rail dryers.”

Installed on rail systems across the world, Norgren’s AMT dryer systems are currently operating in some of the most extreme climates and on virtually all train and compressor types.

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