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An engineered evolution in rotary vane vacuum pump design from Elmo Rietschle

An engineered evolution in rotary vane vacuum pump design from Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle has announced the launch of its latest oil-lubricated rotary vane pump, the V-VCS. The technology’s new design offers operators an extremely low total cost of ownership, while its weight, noise and size reductions ensure the system is easily adaptable and can be retrofitted to a wide range of OEM machines.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in a range of applications and industries, including: aeration, drying and dust extraction systems in the environmental engineering sector; bottling, filling, cutting and vacuum packaging machines in the food processing industry; drying and dust extraction systems, industrial furnaces and vacuum hold down in industrial plants; centralised vacuum systems and packaging machines in the packaging industry; dust extraction systems and vacuum hold down in the woodworking industry; and pneumatic conveying in a wide range of sectors.

Superseding Elmo Rietschle’s V-VC202 and V-VC303 pumps, the new V-VCS solutions deliver volume flow capacities ranging from 200 to 360 m3/hr, and ultimate vacuum of 0.5 mbar (abs).

It is claimed to be the quietest vacuum pump available on the market, with a noise output as low as 67 dB(A); ideally suited for environments where workforces might be working nearby, and eliminating the need for the vacuum pump to be housed in a separate area due to noise levels.

Setting a new benchmark for rotary vane technology, Elmo Rietschle’s new V-VCS has been designed to reduce maintenance needs, cutting the associated time and cost owners need to spend maintaining their vacuum pumps. For instance, the new V-VCS technology has less filter requirements than its predecessor, and yet there is no drop in the system’s oil particulate removal capabilities. As a result, the pump requires considerably less maintenance than other leading competitor models, saving operators money and time in the process.            

The V-VCS’ reduced oil consumption also makes the system one of the eco-friendliest oil-lubricated solutions available on the market. For plants with ambitious sustainability targets, the improved eco performance of the V-VCS means it can play a vital role in contributing towards an organisation’s green endeavours.

Other key benefits include a low weight, with a reduction of 45kg compared to its predecessors, which makes it ideal for OEMs seeking a low-weight vacuum solution. The system also generates less heat, operating at a lower running temperature, and the size of the unit has been reduced too, ensuring units take up less floor space than previous models.

The new technology is covered by Elmo Rietschle’s Care3 warranty, which offers an extended three years of cover. Available free of charge, Care3’s eligibility criteria is a simple and straight-forward process, such as ensuring an installation is approved by an authorised Elmo Rietschle representative or certified distributor, and that genuine Elmo Rietschle parts and lubricants are used during servicing throughout the pump’s lifetime.

Romain Donzel, Market and Product Director at Elmo Rietschle, explains: “Rotary vane vacuum pumps are a mainstay of many industrial vacuum users. A well-established technology, with millions of machines in use globally every day due to its reliable, cost-efficient design. Our new V-VCS range is an engineered evolution of our rotary vane design, taking this tried and tested technology and giving it an innovative update. Our engineering team have addressed a common issue of greater total cost of ownership for this technology. The V-VCS offers a low-maintenance design that keeps lifetime costs to an absolute minimum, while providing a pump which is still highly reliable and low cost.

“Designed for the OEM market, the V-VCS range has been engineered so it can be easily retrofitted into most machines that have a vacuum requirement. The system is offered with a range of options to help meet a business’ demands too, such as either IE3 or IE4 motor variants in 4kW, 5.5.kW or 7.5kW models, as required.

“In short, we believe our new V-VCS rotary vane vacuum pump technology hits the mark for every feature and benefit that decision makers will be looking for. It is energy-efficient, compact, quiet, low-weight and more eco-friendly than many comparable oil-lubricated vacuum pumps available on the market.

“Coupled with Elmo Rietschle’s Care3 warranty to protect your investment, we are confident that our new V-VCS rotary vane pump can deliver an efficient and long-lasting solution for those with vacuum demands.”

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