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CompAir announces latest air filtration and water separation solutions

CompAir announces latest air filtration and water separation solutions

Efficient compressed air purification is a vital element of any system. Contamination from dirt, oil and water can potentially lead to a range of issues, including pipework corrosion, damage to a system’s internal parts, spoiled products, and premature and unplanned desiccant replacement for adsorption dryers. All of this results in unexpected downtime, not to mention the associated costs that come with this, as well as further spend on repairs and maintenance.

To help protect an organisation’s compressed air processes, CompAir has announced its new CF range of air filters and X range of water separators.

The new solutions are manufactured at a dedicated air treatment facility, based in Logatec in Slovenia, which is a result of Gardner Denver’s merger with Ingersoll Rand. This means CompAir’s customers can be confident that the new air purification solutions meet the highest quality standards, as defined by ISO 8573-1:2010, the international standards governing compressed air purity. Furthermore, from an aftermarket perspective, the dedicated air treatment facilities ensure those requiring service parts can have these sourced and supplied quickly.

The CF cast aluminium range of compressed air filters deliver flow rates of up to 45 m3/min, depending on requirements. There is also a range of CF flanged filters available for applications with higher flows, providing flow rates of up to 516 m3/min.

As a result of customer feedback, the new filters feature a differential pressure indicator, allowing operators to monitor any pressure drops in line with the guidelines set out in ISO 5001 and ISO 11011, while helping save energy in the process. Other key features include a proprietary coating, applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of the filters, to provide corrosion protection against harsh industrial environments, as well as an ergonomic bowl design with a ‘no-touch’ filter element that ensures replacements can be undertaken quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, the new X range of water separators can help ensure a coalescing filter is operating as efficiently as possible at all times, by removing the majority of bulk liquid contamination from the compressed air. Available in flow rates of up to 200 m3/min, the X range has been optimised to reduce differential pressure, while requiring minimal maintenance too.

Both the CF range of air filters and X range of water separators are covered by CompAir’s Assure warranty. The only stipulation to the Assure warranty is that the products are maintained in line with the user manual, using genuine CompAir parts.

Keith Atkinson, Product Manager for Air Treatment & Gas Generation at CompAir, said: “Air filtration and water separation are critical elements of any compressed air system. Not only can contamination lead to spoiled and damaged products, but also inefficient production processes that impact on a business’ operational costs. A compressed air system can be a significant investment. Air filters and water separators should not be compromised, as they are a key means of ensuring the quality and efficiency of the whole system.

“For assured peace of mind, our latest CF range of air filters and X range of water separators deliver reliable and high-quality air purification, protecting pipework from corrosion and any damage that might be done to goods or the compressed air process itself, which can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

“Designed and manufactured at our dedicated air treatment sites, operators can be confident that these new air purification solutions are quality controlled to the highest standards, while optimising logistics so any customers requiring additional parts can be serviced fast.

“With businesses under ever-growing pressure to hit sustainability targets, effective air filtration can also help optimise an organisation’s compressed air processes and contribute towards improving a site’s environmental impact, while reducing a compressor’s lifetime costs too.”

Gardner Denver Ltd

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