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Plugs are designed to seal cross port passageways

Plugs are designed to seal cross port passageways

Lee Cross Port Plugs are a plugging solution specifically engineered to seal cross port passageways. This configuration is a variation of the original Lee Plug – a smooth wall design combined with the field-proven controlled expansion principle creates a permanent, leak-proof seal, without the need for o-rings or sealants. Instal­lation is simple, reliable, and requires no maintenance.

Lee Cross Port Plugs are constructed from 6Al -4V titanium. They have been qualified for proof pressures over 20,000 psi and at temperatures up to 400°F. Configurations are available in 0.250, 0.281, and 0.343 inch diameters. The plugs are ideal for isolating sections of a fluidic manifold. They are typically used to plug long passageways created by deep hole drilling that are difficult to access with conventional sealing methods.

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