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Valves require lower connection force

Valves require lower connection force

Do you work with Pneumatic Tools? Are you regularly connecting and disconnecting tools to and from couplings? If so, you may well understand the strain you put yourself under when connecting couplings that are under pressure.

Kee Connections has developed a low connection force valve (pictured right) which allows for single handed connection compared with the more traditional valves (pictured left) which have higher connection forces.

The low force valve connects with 50% less pressure and has an increased flow rate compared with the standard valve with the same input pressure. This will result in more air flowing through per minute, so improving performance, reducing energy usage and reducing energy costs. This low force valve is a part of the Kee Connections MaxSafe range and is available with a wide range of terminations suitable for numerous applications.

Based in the North West of England, Kee Connections is a specialist designers and manufacturers of quick connect safety couplings, hoses and connectors for OEM applications. Kee Connections designs components in-house and have the components produced to specific drawings. Quality control of all component parts is crucial to the success of the finished product. Kee completes the final assembly and does testing in-house to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

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