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Bespoke test rig installation completed

Bespoke test rig installation completed

Hydrotechnik UK has provided two bespoke test rigs complete with a customised testing area for a railway components repair company. The rigs enable the company to carry out efficiency tests on cylinders ensuring they meet the standards to be assembled onto drive systems fitted onto trains. Hydrotechnik’s engineers have been able to design, custom build and commission the right testing solution.

The bespoke Hydrotechnik test rigs are used in a modern factory in the North of England as part of the company’s sophisticated R&D programme for production quality control. The rigs use specialised high and low pressure transducers, calibrated to UKAS standards, that provide a stream of data to a purpose built measuring, datalogging and control system. The stream of data helps the research and development team to assess the efficiency of the cylinders and enables them to decide whether they can be installed into drive systems.

The custom made 3m2 enclosed testing area was built using 304 stainless steel. An accessible door and inspection windows to check for any visual leaks from the cylinder. The testing area has been built without a roof to load and unload pumps via a crane. After installation Hydrotechnik carried out specific tests to ensure the system works to the required specification, testing the pneumatic cylinders with the test assembly and ensured that the hydrostatic test rig was fit for purpose and ready to operate.

Hydrotechnik managing director Richard Price said: “Our test rigs can help companies using pumps and other components in their quality control and on production lines. This particular case enabled accurate and thorough testing of cylinders to ensure they could be installed into drive systems. This was achieved by our highly skilled engineers working closely with the manufacturer.”

Hydrotechnik UK has now installed over 20 test rigs in 2016, for use in demanding and mission critical applications in defence, manufacturing quality control, plant maintenance, and research and development.

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