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Compressor saves Makevale more than £10,000

Compressor saves Makevale more than £10,000

Gardner Denver distributor Air Energy has provided an innovative, containerised compressed air solution to a leading manufacturer of tailor-made bead polymer products, avoiding lengthy downtime and saving more than £10,000 in construction costs.

Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, Makevale creates customised polymer solutions for a wide range of sectors, including medicine, dentistry and industrial applications. The company uses large amounts of compressed air to power its manufacturing processes, having relied on a CompAir Cyclon 345 compressor for almost 20 years that had totaled more than 40,000 operating hours.

Dr Samit Ahir, CEO of Makevale, explains: “While we have a number of back-up compressors installed, the machine in question is absolutely critical, delivering essential energy to our manufacturing processes. As we looked to update the compressor to one of the latest energy-efficient models, it soon became apparent that the structure housing the unit was not fit for purpose.”

The key issue was that the compressor housing had been constructed around the machine. As a result, it would not be able to accommodate a new system without extensive structural work.

Dr Samit continues: “The space and dimensions available within the housing posed a particular challenge. At one point we considered constructing a second, raised floor for the compressor to be positioned on, but the cost of re-piping and building this structure would have been more than £10,000.”

In addition to significant costs for Makevale, this would also have meant considerable downtime for the site’s main air compressor while the new unit was installed.

Long-term partner Air Energy, however, approached the issue with a practical and low-cost answer, ensuring any downtime and costs were kept to an absolute minimum.

Keith Benton, Director of Air Energy, explains: “The solution was to install a containerised set, requiring only a power and pipe connection to be operational. The unit includes exhaust ducts, internal lighting and power sockets, and is fitted with a CompAir L45 fixed speed air compressor. We assembled the unit and then transported it to Makevale’s site, providing a simple solution to what could have otherwise been a real logistical challenge.”

The L45 provides a reliable and low-cost supply of compressed air to power Makevale’s manufacturing processes. Its high output airend with slow rotational speed helps reduce energy consumption, while the innovative design of the fail-safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve guarantees external hoses are kept to a minimum, delivering the highest levels of performance.

Dr Samit concludes: “The containerised set provided by Air Energy is secure and easy to transport. We are delighted with the solution they delivered, and now rely on them to regularly service the system too. We would whole-heartedly recommended Air Energy to other businesses looking for an efficient and cost-effective compressed air solution.”

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