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Manufacturer keeps UK hydraulics industry alive in Singapore

Manufacturer keeps UK hydraulics industry alive in Singapore

One of just a handful of UK manufacturing companies still producing hydraulic safety blocks in the UK has just completed a significant order for a major Singapore company; its first major foray into South East Asia, and is already working on another.

MGR Fluid Power has successfully delivered a unit of 14 safety blocks to Bloomfosse PTE Ltd for use in hydraulic actuators used in the marine and offshore energy sector. Key to winning the deal was the fact that MGR is uniquely positioned to fulfil orders straight from stock, resulting in considerably shorter lead times for buyers. And the customer was so satisfied, it quickly placed an order for a further shipment.

The size 12 blocks include a vent down valve that can be deployed for system depressurisation before hydraulic maintenance, as well as a fast acting relief valve that prevents excessive hydraulic pressure. The valve protects both the accumulator and the pipework in the event of over-pressurisation and has been designed and manufactured to be used with various types of accumulators including bladder, piston, and diaphragm.

The deal is particularly significant for the UK manufacturing industry, as it demonstrates that the country is continuing to compete on a global stage when it comes to hydraulic component manufacturing. Just twenty years ago there was a plethora of hydraulic component manufacturers in the UK, but many have since been purchased by larger, overseas hydraulics companies and production offshored. MGR Fluid Power is one UK manufacturing businesses bucking the trend, having recently moved to a larger premises in the Midlands, increasing its production premises by 500 sq ft. One of the company’s biggest advantages over other hydraulic components manufacturers, both in the UK and overseas, is the fact it manufactures to stock.

Mike Retford, Managing Director of MGR Fluid Power, explained: “As a user and integrator of components, we often find that we have to purchase a lot of products that are manufactured and stocked outside of the UK, predominantly in Italy and Germany. Next day delivery is not always available but, if it is, it can be prohibitively expensive. This is why we made the decision to manufacture our range of safety blocks to stock. We’re probably the only hydraulics manufacturer in the UK to do this, which means we are able to work to significantly reduced lead times for buyers both in the UK and overseas.”

In order to successfully close the deal, MGR Fluid Power worked closely with Torishima Singapore, its group partner in the region, which helped to facilitate the contract, as well as quality testing and certifying the safety blocks. The two businesses are working together to raise the profile of MGR’s UK manufactured products on a global scale.

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