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Internal gear pump boosts the power

Rexroth's PGH Series 3X internal gear pump features a significant increase in power over previous generations and now covers power classes that used to be reserved for pumps of larger displacements.

Based on the predecessor model, the completely revised PGH Series 3X from Rexroth operates at a higher nominal pressure of 315bar, or 350bar in intermittent operation. Its speed range has also been extended for all sizes up to 3,000rpm. In the lower speed range, up to 200rpm, the new power pump is suitable for pressure-holding functions and closed-loop position control. 

Designed in particular for variable speed drives in stationary and mobile applications, Rexroth's PGH Series 3X is available in two frame sizes covering a range from 20 to 250ccm, adding to the previous PGH Series 2x pumps at these sizes. A new feature on the PGH Series 3x is a standard test port that simplifies bleeding during commissioning. This test port also allows for condition monitoring systems to be attached for condition-related servicing of the complete drive system.  

Fitting seamlessly into Rexroth's hydraulic product range, users can combine this universal pump with a wide range of axial piston units, vane, radial piston and gear pumps.
Bosch Rexroth Ltd

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