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Thermometer for cold water systems

Thermometer for cold water systems
The temperature measuring in cold water systems, like air conditioning, heat exchangers or cooling water circuits in nuclear power plants, often implicates corrosion on pipelines and thermometers due to condensation. For those applications, Baumer offers the bimetal thermometer series TB in a specially protected execution with thermowell and a PVC insulation sleeve directly on the immersion tube. 

The TB can measure temperature ranges from -30°C up to 500°C and conforms to the accuracy classes 1 (up to 250°C) and 2 (above 250°C) according to the EN 13190 standard. The immersion tube has a diameter of 8mm and an installed length from 100 up to 100 mm. The case and the immersion tube are made of stainless steel, with copper alloy an option for high temperatures
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