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Heaters for drums and gas bottles are IECEx certified

Heaters for drums and gas bottles are IECEx certified
Tyco Thermal Controls has now received IECEx Certification for its Isopad range of industrial electric drum and gas-bottle heaters. The heaters already carried full ATEX 'system approval' for the European market but the addition of IECEx certification extends their worldwide sales potential by meeting the requirements of customers in other regions including Australasia and the emerging markets of the Far East. 

Widely used in the manufacturing and process industries, heaters enable a rapid and more complete transfer of contents like waxes, fats and viscous fluids from drums and gas from bottles. As a result the production yield is improved (less residue) and power costs for removal reduced. 

Isopad drum and gas-bottle heaters feature self-regulating cable which eliminates the need for a temperature limiter and provides a simpler and safer mechanism for control. The units and supplementary base heaters, for customers requiring a faster heat-up time, operate across the broad ambient temperature range -40°C to +50°C, have a temperature rating up to 120°C and carry an IP65 rating. 

Their ATEX approval and IECEx certification are held on the complete supplied system, not just the components, so customers can have confidence that these heaters are ready for safe deployment in explosive atmospheres.
Tyco Thermal Controls Limited

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