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Ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications

Ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications
Krohne has launched the Optisonic V6 - the next generation of ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications. The Optisonic V6 sets new standards in accuracy and cost-effectiveness. It has been specifically developed for applications in the production of natural gas and for gas suppliers' city gates and transfer stations. Its rugged design makes it ideally suited for use in extreme environments, such as offshore platforms.

Beneath its strong housing is a sensitive and highly accurate technology. The Optisonic V6 has 6 measuring chords, two of which are solely dedicated to diagnostic functions, so once commissioned, it continuously checks the operating status. The positioning of the chords in two horizontal parallel planes compensates for swirl and therefore provides reliable measurement even with turbulent flow profiles.

For the first time ever in a gas flowmeter for non-custody transfer applications, Krohne has separated the information on the flow from the information on the diagnostics. This data is transmitted directly to the user via two separate signal outputs. The diagnostics in the Optisonic V6 reliably indicate deposits, contamination or changes in wall roughness, allowing maintenance to be scheduled according to the actual needs of the user.

The meter is available in sizes DN 100 - DN 600, an installation length of 3D and a maximum operating pressure of 150 bar. It is compatible with commonly used protocols and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure.
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