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Looking beyond the purchase price

Looking beyond the purchase price
In times when hardly a news bulletin is made without some reference to a 'global credit crisis' it makes sense to take control of the "purse strings" and manage the budget. With many web sites we can easily select the lowest price for pretty much any product, but, is price the only factor?

For Northampton based Anitox, price of course is important, but as a global company with products installed around the world, there are other factors to consider. As a manufacturer of antimicrobial preservatives for animal feeds and other food stuffs for human consumption, it is essential that the products they source are of high quality and have the technical pedigree to withstand the demands placed on them.  

One of the strengths of Anitox, is they not only supply chemicals to the Animal feed industry but, also a patented application process to ensure correct functionality every time.  Often used in remote areas, functionality and reliability are of the utmost importance. 

Founded in 1977 by research chemist Dr Bob Bland, Anitox is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia and has key regional offices/operational centres in the UK, Malaysia and Mexico. An international corporation, Anitox is a pioneer in the field of antimicrobial products, developing and manufacturing a range of antimicrobial preservatives for animal feeds, feed ingredients and foodstuffs for human consumption. The Anitox product line includes: Termin-8 and Monoprene bacterial control agents, Maxi-Mil milling efficiency program, MonoProp, Punch, and DryProp mold control agents, together with Blue Royale water treatment and Sorb-It aflatoxin binder. 

Through its Research and Development Centre, Anitox develops new products which are on the leading edge of technology. The business has an international network dedicated to providing top-quality products which are supported by the best technical service, engineers, laboratory technicians and customer service representatives.

Faultless performance
In a recent project, Krohne was chosen to supply one of its ranges of Batchflux meters. Richard York, Chief Engineer Anitox said, "we have these particular anti-bacterial dosing systems for animal feed stuffs installed at our Customer's plants around the world. The plants run 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so it is imperative that the components we use within our systems are reliable and provide faultless performance and repeatability. We selected the Batchflux 5015C, as it has a high-tech ceramic liner which guarantees extreme long-term stability.  

"The device is also renowned for reliability and accuracy and built using solid state devices, meaning there are no moving parts. The initial purchase price was slightly more, but when you consider the downtime, service and replacement parts, this is proving to be a much better solution and much more cost effective when calculating the life time costs."
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