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Sealing rings keep oil and gas flowing

Sealing rings keep oil and gas flowing
Once a natural gas or oil well is drilled, and it has been verified that commercially viable quantities of natural gas or oil are present for extraction, the well must be completed to allow for the flow of oil, petroleum or natural gas out of the formation and up to the surface. 

This process includes strengthening the well hole with casing, evaluating the pressure and temperature of the formation, and then installing the proper equipment to ensure an efficient flow out of the well. This is where a choke valve controls the pressure and flow and it is imperative that the primary scraper ring performs its function of keeping the flow regulated and free from debris. Choke valves are the first primary valve used to control flow and pressure when oil and gas exits the well. In this position the valve is exposed to high velocities and direct impacts from material suspended in the oil, from fine sand and grit, and sizeable chunks of rock and other debris. It is one of the most arduous applications for any valve.

Sealing is a vital element in the construction and TFC's Smalley Laminar Rings have been specified as the primary scraper ring seal used in the stem packing and stem plug arrangements. Laminar Rings are configured to create a metal labyrinth, the arrangement of which is dependent upon the severity of the environment.

The labyrinth is created by using a set of three in-springing and two out-springing single turn rings in an alternating configuration. Manufactured in Haynes 25 Alloy L605, and with special interlocking end configurations, they provide the ideal scraper ring seal set to withstand the arduous conditions to which they are regularly subjected.

The criticality of keeping the valve clear of debris is crucial and failure to do so can dramatically affect performance ultimately leading to a failure within the system, which if a blockage occurs can be catastrophic. TFC's Smalley labyrinth scraper ring set provides a thoroughly tested and reliable solution for the petro-chemical industries, backed with over 40 years of technical expertise from TFC Europe.   

The flexibility of the manufacturing process allows virtually any size of ring to be designed into an application. With standard materials that include Inconel X750, A286 alloy, short lead times and a customer orientated stocking policy; TFC is able to position itself to supply the petro-chemical industry with cost-effective solutions where reliability matters.    

Greg Templeman, Senior Application Engineer of TFC Europe says: "This laminar sealing ring plays a pivotal role at a very crucial time during the extraction of oil and gas. Our ability to produce a range of products, which meets the exacting and demanding needs of the petro-chemical industry who continue to use our technical expertise to help develop new products such as the Laminar Sealing ring, makes TFC Europe a trusted and widely used name within the industry."

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