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Oil-free compressor is whisper quiet

Oil-free compressor is whisper quiet
With the ever growing demand for oil free air to protect pneumatic assemblies and to eliminate routine maintenance, this new HT range offers all the benefits of oil-free air in a silent format, from just 53 dB(A). Utilising an innovative and efficient horizontal twin piston pump unit, this ground-breaking range is ultra compact, delivers 100% oil-free air and an unbelievably low noise level when running. An ingenuous piston ring design and high quality sealed for life bearings ensure optimum performance and because of its twin piston design, amazing air output at pressure. 

Each compressor is also available with a 2-pole motor option delivering a higher output with only a marginal increase in noise level. All the usual Bambi qualities continue with this range, including internally powder coated air receivers on 15 and 24 litre models, outlet pressure regulator across the board and 10 micron outlet filters on 15 litre receivers and above.

HT compressors are ideal for those applications where low maintenance and ultra quiet, oil-free air is essential, such as scientific instruments, door controls, autoclave locks, stapling and as a portable and rugged air supply for many diverse requirements.
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