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Flow control made easy

The REG from Kobold Instruments is a simple yet effective device for the automatic control of water flow. Available in a range of preset values from 1-280 L/min, it can be installed in-line to ensure that the maximum desired throughput is never exceeded. 

Regardless of pressure fluctuations, the valve keeps the flow permanently constant. Since this state can be maintained within a wide range of pressures, this valve is particularly suitable for pipework networks supplying several users. The valve has no manually operated parts and requires no maintenance once it has been installed. The valve is self-actuating and requires no additional energy source to operate.

Constant flow is achieved by two stainless steel diaphragms that are crosswise mounted and riveted together.  The gap between the spring loaded stainless steel plate and the seal face is continuously varied as the differential pressure changes. As the differential pressure decreases the gap widens. As the pressure increases it closes, thus maintaining a constant flow volume.
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