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Compact, light valve for high pressure charging

Compact, light valve for high pressure charging
A high pressure air charging valve which provides the capability for a reliable manually operated valve that facilitates the charging or bleeding of a high pressure gas system, is now available from Lee Products. The valve's easy-to-use function and leak-proof characteristics make it an ideal choice for charging or discharging pressure vessels in aerospace, oil tools and Formula One racing applications.

The valve, which is robust and corrosion resistant, is constructed from a combination of 15-5 PH and 300 series stainless steel components with nitrile rubber o-rings with Teflon back-up rings for sealing and support. 

Actuation of the valve is achieved by turning a nut which jacks the valve stem open, or closed, against a metal-to-metal, bubble-tight seat. Charging is done by simply removing the stem cap and connecting a gas source to the stem end. The design also incorporates an audible safety feature that warns the user of unreleased air pressure when the valve is being removed from its installation boss. 

Designed for 5000 psi pressure vessels, the Lee Air Charging Valve is a light-weight version weighing just 34.5g compared to 47.6g for other types of design. Therefore, it provides the same functions in a significantly smaller overall package. The valve is supplied with mounting threads for use with AS5202-05 standard ports.
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