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Improving pump efficiency

Improving pump efficiency Considering that the transfer of fluids accounts for the largest single use of energy worldwide with millions of litres pumped from one location to another every second of every day worldwide, it is quite understandable that all industries would benefit from any solutions aimed at increasing pumping performance. 

Repair composites and protective coatings specialist Belzona Polymerics says it has the solution for improving the operational efficiency of pumps by the application of a hydrophobic coating system. The company reports that it has seen a dramatic increase in the use of its products for pump restoration. According to Belzona's Jérémie Maillard, the number of repairs to damaged pumps and/or components has nearly doubled in the last two years. 

He comments: "Many companies are working to minimise running costs by exploring alternative means of tackling energy consumption. Meanwhile, more and more pump manufacturers are considering coating new equipment with Belzona 1341 Supermetalglide due to its proven economical benefit." A major problem is increased turbulence caused by the detrimental effects of erosion corrosion. This leads to rough and pitted surfaces which in turn, increase drag, therefore reducing the efficiency of the system.

By rebuilding and protecting these damaged areas with a Belzona corrosion and erosion resistant material it is possible to not only restore flow rates, but also increase the efficiency level of the pump to beyond that when it was newly installed. The Belzona solution has been designed as a hydrophobic, smooth surface coating with low surface energy and erosion resistant fillers.
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