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Zero leak check valves suit critical flow control systems

Zero leak check valves suit critical flow control systems

Among the important requirements for components specified for critical ‘hi-tech’ flow control applications, such as in fuel lines in aviation or Formula One racing cars, are make it smaller, make it lighter. To meet these demands Lee Products has developed a range of flow restrictors and check valves which are acknowledged as being the smallest insert check valves available. 


The latest addition to this range is a 250 zero leak check valve, which provides zero leakage flow control from 5 up to 3000 psid. Despite a diameter of only 0.250in, length of 0.80in and weighing just 3.8 grams,  these valve provide flows of over 62 SLPM (air) at 25 psid.  Maximum working pressure is 3000 psid.


250 Zero Leak Check valves are available in forward and reverse flow configurations and use an elastomeric seat to ensure zero leakage. Other components are constructed entirely of stainless steel.


Typical applications for these valves are in aerospace, oil tool, industrial gas turbines or wherever high-technology engineering applications demand critical flow control using the smallest and lightest components available.

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