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A greener approach to climate control

A recently introduced industrial climate control solution offers an on/off valve with terminations that plug into the auxiliary equipment of heavy-duty trucks and buses to regulate heating and cooling systems. The valve was developed by Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturer of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves.

The industrial climate control solution acts as a component of the vehicle's auxiliary equipment. When plugged into the system, it helps extend the life of the engine by eliminating the need for idling - a primary source of emissions.
The product comes at a time when a number of countries are looking at tightening their anti-idling regulations. Now this fluid control system can be incorporated into the vehicle's design to regulate heating and cooling, as required.

The two-way normally closed or normally open valve is available with an orifice diameter of 12.7mm or larger and a process connection of 0.5in NPT. It operates with a Cv factor of 4.0 or better and features bubble-tight internal and external leakage. Constructed of brass, it is assembled with FKM and fluorocarbon seal material. Electrical specifications include a continuous-duty, Class H moulded coil enclosure with an open-frame yoke and electrical leads. The valve's electrical capabilities allow for 12V DC and 11-16W of power consumption, depending on the valve type. Electrical connectors are available on request.

The valve can withstand a maximum pressure differential of 1.7bar or more and a maximum ambient temperature of 65degC. Additionally, the valve offers connectors on leads, barb fittings in ports and a mounting bracket, on request.

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