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Cleaner, faster, smarter, safer drum connections

Cleaner, faster, smarter, safer drum connections
DrumQuik Pro is an easy-to-use dip-tube based connector system that can be used with common pumps to safely extract liquids from rigid containers. The closed-system design virtually eliminates chemical and fume exposure to personnel and the environment while protecting the integrity of the chemical or food grade liquid being pumped. With container evacuation of 99 percent or better, wasted chemical, messy dip-tube transfer or contact with noxious fumes can be eliminated.

This connector system consists of three main components; a dip-tube, a drum insert closure (bung plug) and a coupler (dispense head). The dip-tube and drum insert assembly is installed in the container and shipped as part of the chemical package or can be installed on-site. The drum insert is available in a variety of common ISO thread forms which allows it to be used with almost any plastic or steel container. The coupler is used to make the connection between the container and common pumping systems via the outlet port to which any sized tubing may be connected using hose barb or compression fittings.

The rugged, leak-free and reusable construction is capable of thousands of connections.
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