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Innovative connectors simplify seal test line construction

Innovative connectors simplify seal test line construction
Parker Instrumentation's innovative fluid connector, Phastite, has simplified the construction of a state-of-the-art facility for testing dry gas compressor seals at John Crane's new turbomachinery facility in Slough, UK. The connector's combination of high pressure operation and push-fit assembly has allowed the company to make considerable time savings compared with a system built using the conventional options of cone-and-thread and welded tube connections.

John Crane is the world's largest manufacturer of mechanical sealing systems and has invested over £2.4 million in its new gas seal test facility. This included the installation of five new high-pressure test rigs that reproduce a vast range of compressor environments. Upgraded test facilities include the ability to test at higher pressures than was previously possible - up to 800 bar (11,603 PSI). The rigs are also able to test seals with shaft diameters up to 500mm (19.7in), or at speeds to 42,000rpm.

Phastite connectors have been used to provide high pressure connections in two areas: for the permanent flow connections inside each of the five test rigs, and for the permanent flow connections on the large-bore gas service tubes that supply compressed air and helium gases to the test cells.
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