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Versatile pumps from UK source

Versatile pumps from UK source

The Gast Group's range of oil-less regenerative blowers for high-volume vacuum or compressed air applications is available with both motor-mounted and separate drive models and can be mounted in virtually any position. The range is capable of supplying continuous, non-pulsating air flow at rates from 46 to 2294m3/h with vacuum capacities to 458 mbar and pressure capabilities up to 707 mbar.


The maintenance-free regenerative blowers, which have outputs ranging from 0.09 to 22.4kW, are available with UL and CSA certified TEFC electric motors on several models and come in single- and three-phase, dual-frequency, and multi-voltage versions for worldwide applications. A 12V DC option is also available on the smallest models.


Special ATEX approved models with explosion-proof motors are designed for soil vapour extraction applications and available with horsepowers ranging from 0.25 to 7.46kW. Corrosion resistant and tank models are available, as well as a complete range of recommended accessories. Bespoke versions can also be manufactured to special order for OEM quantities.

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