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Economical seals for large dimensions

Economical seals for large dimensions Simrit says that its butt joint-vulcanised elastomer O-rings and elastomer profiles offer a particularly economical solution for sealing contact areas with large dimensions. A new development means that a secure bond can be achieved between the seal ends of cut-to-size products by applying original elastomer material to the point of connection and vulcanising the ends together in a tool. Butt joint-vulcanised large seals offer two decisive advantages: an inexpensive bonding procedure with low tool costs; and significantly improved dynamic load-bearing capacity when compared with bonded joints. Continuous profiles that have been glued are only suitable for use in static applications. Thanks to butt-joint vulcanisation, these large seals can now also withstand dynamic loads. Seals with large dimensions and diameters that are produced in this way also provide an economical seal for large shafts and slowly rotating components without the need for precision mouldings.
Freudenberg Simrit

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