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Hydraulic hose assembly
Eric Zany of Parker Hannifin looks at when on-site assembly of hydraulic hoses makes real economic sense. For anyone running a site or operation where hydraulics are used extensively on plant and equipment – especially if that set-up is distant from a source of parts and service – (more...)
Kistler launches new M6 absolute pressure sensor with temperature probe
The new M6 miniature absolute pressure sensor from Kistler Instruments incorporates a PT1000 temperature probe and integrated signal conditioning in a compact package weighing less than 12g. Available in three pressure ranges; 5, 10 and 20 bar with temperature compensation up to 150°C and an (more...)
High capacity twin screw pumps provide smooth, pulseless flows
When high capacity fluids transfer applications require a self-priming pump which can provide smooth, pulse less flows up to 1700 m3 / hour and at pressures up to 55 Bar; 3P PERA PRINZ Twin Screw Pumps are the ideal solution. Recently introduced in the UK by Michael Smith Engineers, these high (more...)
Pneumatics automate world's fastest whisky bottling plant
A project to replace the old remote Ex rated I/O panels and pneumatics in a whisky bottling plant in Glasgow - the fastest whisky bottling plant in the world - meant replacing the panels in situ, without major disruption to the existing infrastructure. The hazardous Ex rated nature of the project (more...)
Up to 60% lighter - new carbon fibre linear guide
To meet the growing demand for weight savings, whether in the aerospace, automotive or medical industry, technical plastics expert igus has developed its dryin W linear guide system constructed entirely of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Extremely lightweight, the carbon drylin rail features (more...)
The safe food chain
In the food and drink industry, achieving a safe food chain all the way from producer to plate is paramount. Maintaining hygiene levels is a critical element in the journey through a process plant, but one pinch-point that's easily overlooked is sensor hygiene. Phil Dyas, industrial sensors UK (more...)
Reliable shut off and smooth flow
Festo has launched a new pneumatic pinch valve - the VZQA - which provides reliable control and shut off in food and drink production processes. The valves are durable, energy efficient, easy to service, and flexible, thanks to their simple construction, and as a result provide a cost effective (more...)
New connector for sterile processes
Stäubli Connectors Division has introduced a new design of connector that permits sterilisation of the flow stream 'in situ' and prevents disconnection without prior decontamination.Keeping processes sterile is of vital importance in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors especially where it is (more...)
Tape designed to wrap, seal and insulate
The material quality of the new Loctite 5075 insulating and sealing wrap allows it to stretch up to 300%, effectively sealing and protecting the damaged area against gas or fluid leakage and corrosion. This multi-purpose, adhesive-free silicone tape also withstands harsh operating conditions and (more...)
Storage tank vent breathers for protecting sensitive fluids
Brownell has extended its range of storage tank vent breathers and adsorbers to prevent the contamination of valuable products from the harmful effects of moisture. Installation of these breathers has been made quick and simple, with a direct connection to an existing breather or vent pipe. This (more...)