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Air motors stir it up in automotive paint shops
A number of automotive manufacturers have adopted Huco Dynatork air motors to drive the agitators in their paint shops, with hundreds already in use operating around the clock in plants across the UK, mainland Europe, North America and Asia. Piston air motors offer many advantages over electric or (more...)
Seismic safety switch for high integrity protection
High integrity seismic protection of critical assets such as oil, gas, nuclear and hydro-electric installations, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, where accurate detection of structural vibration in conjunction with safe shut-down procedures is an essential requirement. Sensonics offers a range (more...)
Tom Parker has announced that it has secured an exclusive UK distributorship with US company FasTest, which manufactures a wide range of quick test connectors and valves. FasTest has secured over 50 patents for its products which improve testing and manufacturing processes while maximising (more...)
Challenges of pumping and metering viscous fluids
When it comes to pumping and metering, viscous resins pose a number of significant challenges for the aerospace, automotive and energy industries. Here, Andrew Biggs and James Lees of UK Flowtechnik explain why it’s such a tricky customer. For years pumps and flow meters have been used as (more...)
Liquid cooling for enclosures
An innovative new technique to cool high power electronics, efficiently and quietly, leading to smaller cabinets, is the latest product from Iceotope, a specialist in cooling technology. It is supported by the integrity of Stäubli fluid connectors. Iceotope, based in Sheffield, was started in (more...)
Metering pumps replace diaphragm pumps at paper mill
A major paper mill in Germany has replaced its existing diaphragm pumps with Qdos models from Watson-Marlow and seen immediate process improvements, including reliability, increased up-time and ease of maintenance when pumping anti-foam agents used in starching operations.different requirements on (more...)
Robust HI-BAR safety screens resist corrosion and combustion
The extensive range of HI-BAR Flange Mount Safety Screens available from Lee Products now includes options made entirely from brass, per ASTM B16 / B16M. Lee HI-BAR screens protect components in critical fluids handling applications to ensure optimum safety and performance and while critical (more...)
Slots versus holes improve flow through safety screens
Protecting components in critical fluids handling applications from the risks of blockages caused by unwanted contaminants is essential in helping to eliminate system failure and downtime. Miniature component specialists Lee Products are continually developing and enhancing their field-proven range (more...)
Ultra-compact, energy-efficient solenoid valves save space and reduce weight
Lee Products has recently extended its range of ultra-compact, field-proven piloting solenoid valves which are ideal for challenging, high pressure duty such as those occurring in aerospace hydraulics, fuel systems and oil tool applications. Saving space, reducing weight and minimising power (more...)
E2S launches GRP IECEx and ATEX Xenon strobe beacons
E2S Warning Signals has announced the launch of its new GNEx GRP Xenon strobe beacons, which will be unveiled to the world at CIPPE 2016 in Beijing, China, 29 - 31 March. The new products add visual signalling to the explosion proof and corrosion resistant GNEx family. Suitable for all Zone 1, 2, (more...)