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Brammer is once again giving encouragement to the manufacturing engineers of the future. The company joined forces with pneumatics supplier Festo to provide components for a giant working model of a Smartie tube built by engineering apprentices at Nestlé. The 4m high tube was designed for the (more...)
Leak-free mag drive pump for critical tasks
A magnetically driven micro annular gear pump, which is ideally suited to handling liquids in critical metering applications where reliable, leak-free pumping is essential, has been introduced by Michael Smith Engineers. The ultra-compact HNP MZR 4661 pump is designed for OEMs and small system (more...)
Condition monitoring key reducing carbon emissions
Heinz will slice more than 4% from its energy consumption in the next three years at its Wigan factory after signing up for a steam trap management contract with Spirax Sarco. The decision to opt for the new contract followed great success with a previous, one-off steam trap survey, which saved (more...)
Gems Sensors & Controls has launched the UCL-520 Series of ultrasonic level sensors. The UCL-520 Series is suitable for non-contact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, chemical storage as well as many other challenging fluid applications. (more...)
Gems Sensors & Controls
Emerson Process Management is expanding its Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meter offering for low flow applications. The new Micro Motion meters are compact in design and available in two sizes, 2mm and 4mm nominal diameter, delivering +0.05% liquid flow accuracy, +0.35% gas accuracy, +0.0005 g/cc (more...)
Eliminating the problems of spraying viscous coatings
The latest innovation from Spraying Systems is the AccuCoat heated spray system, which the company says improves on traditional viscous coating application methods to ensure a uniform coating.Applying thick coatings to food products is challenging. Minor temperature variations can turn into major (more...)
Real time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work at University College Dublin into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids. At the heart of the researchers' (more...)
Sensor Technology Ltd
Heaters for drums and gas bottles are IECEx certified
Tyco Thermal Controls has now received IECEx Certification for its Isopad range of industrial electric drum and gas-bottle heaters. The heaters already carried full ATEX 'system approval' for the European market but the addition of IECEx certification extends their worldwide sales potential by (more...)
How do you achieve the perfect seal?
Colin Chapman of Henkel, maker of Loctite brand products, provides insight into how modern technology overcomes an ancient and ever-present problem.For as long as industry has used pipework, leaking joints have been an issue. That's because even with correctly machined pipe joints, minute surface (more...)
Peter Ehlers of Swagelok looks at ball valve considerations for alternative fuel service.When choosing a shut-off ball valve for natural gas vehicles (NGV) or compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) applications, the first consideration should be certification. Is the ball valve you're considering (more...)