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Reliability crucial for CO2 analyser’s micro pump
Corscience, a manufacturer of CO2 analysers for clinical use has selected a micro pump for its reliability in flow control. Schwarzer Precision by Bürkert has supplied Corscience with a miniature eccentric diaphragm pump for its capnometer modules. Fast customisation as well as compact size and (more...)
80GHz technology puts continuous level measurement on Sick’s radar
An innovative non-contact radar sensing technology from Sick is opening up the prospect of robust and reliable real-time monitoring of the levels of liquids and bulk solids in challenging industrial applications. The Sick SicWave uses higher-frequency 80 gigahertz free-space radar to overcome the (more...)
Eaton has announced the launch of its X3 medium-duty pump and motor portfolio, including a new two-speed cartridge motor paired with single or back-to-back pump configurations. Combining superior package size, precision and efficiency, Eaton’s latest plug-in variable piston motor solutions are (more...)
Eaton Fluid Power
Return on investment with planetary mixing equipment
Matthew Baseley, Senior Internal Technical Sales Executive at Intertronics, discusses the factors contributing to return on investment when considering planetary mixing equipment. When mixing liquids, pastes and powders during an industrial process, manufacturers may identify issues that lead them (more...)
Unify the process control network
For many liquid and gas control applications, device integration to the main PLC through a single fieldbus reduces costs and can also be an opportunity to expand control capability. Greg Wainhouse of Bürkert explains how to optimise process control integration. The trend towards commonality (more...)
Bonomi adds higher precision flow control options to popular stainless steel ball valve range
Bonomi (UK) has extended the scope of its Stainless Steel ball valve with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad range (703000), with the addition of V-Ball options. The new 700355 V-Ball full bore, stainless steel ball valve, enables users to achieve even greater stability and flow control accuracy. The vast (more...)
Series QL reduces length without compromising strength
Camozzi Automation’s new Series QL short stroke cylinder has a reduced length, making it ideal for confined or challenging spaces, yet still offers the same strength as an ISO 15552 or ISO 21287 cylinder. Developed specifically for applications with limited radial loads and where a long (more...)
Push in fittings from Camozzi Automation for cooling systems
Camozzi Automation has employed its extensive push-in fittings expertise to develop a new range engineered specifically to enable the smooth passage of fluids in cooling systems. The Series 7000 Fluidics range has been designed with a special bio-sourced PA11 technopolymer reinforced with 20% glass (more...)
Reduced lead times for cable entry connectors with new control circuit
ATAM has upgraded its cable entry connectors with a new control circuit for solenoid valves, whilst also employing advanced new techniques to dramatically speed up manufacture. Thanks to these improvements, production of the cable entry connectors has been streamlined to achieve an impressive output (more...)
Safe, reliable, leak-free pumping of thin liquids with side channel pumps
When fluids handling applications require safe and reliable pumping of thin, low viscosity liquids, such as liquefied gases or refrigerants the new Dickow WPM Series are an ideal choice. Available from pump specialist Michael Smith Engineers these new options of self-priming, horizontal, (more...)