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Next generation of high performance seals improves barrier fluid flow
Developed using the basis of the proven CDSA cartridge double mechanical seal, AES Seal has introduced the FIDC (Flow Induced Dual Cartridge) seal. The FIDC boasts improved barrier fluid flow through a novel integral pumping device. This is designed to increase and direct barrier fluid towards the (more...)
Selecting seals for bespoke hydraulic cylinders
Steven North of Apex Hydraulics shares some of the questions that designers need to consider when choosing a seal for hydraulics cylinders. Seal selection for hydraulic cylinders is a complex process, where multiple factors must be considered. Hydraulic cylinders are used in so many different (more...)
How do you achieve the perfect seal?
Colin Chapman of Henkel, maker of Loctite brand products, provides insight into how modern technology overcomes an ancient and ever-present problem.For as long as industry has used pipework, leaking joints have been an issue. That's because even with correctly machined pipe joints, minute surface (more...)
Sealing rings keep oil and gas flowing
Once a natural gas or oil well is drilled, and it has been verified that commercially viable quantities of natural gas or oil are present for extraction, the well must be completed to allow for the flow of oil, petroleum or natural gas out of the formation and up to the surface. This process (more...)
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launches its new Turcon Roto VL seal. The seal's compact form makes it ideal for specification in dynamic applications where there is limited space or for fitment into standard O-ring grooves. It is primarily intended for constant service in demanding situations (more...)
Innovative cup seal for high speed bottling
Improving safety and performance are the key benefits resulting from the reduction of glass inclusion in the bottle filling process in leading breweries, wineries and soft drink manufacturers, thanks to Super Seal, a new cup seal. The revolutionary Super Seal has been developed by Uni-Spray, (more...)
Standard hydraulic seals and O-rings
SKF Economos is now able to offer an extensive range of standard hydraulic seals and O-rings for both rotating and reciprocating applications, in addition to its existing range of machined sealing solutions. With this new expanded product offering, SKF Economos is able to provide its customers with (more...)
A new brochure has been released by elastomer engineering specialists James Walker Keaflex. Highlighting the Hampshire-based company's expertise in the design and production of rubber mouldings, the six page document illustrates the ranges of products manufactured as well as the specialist services (more...)
Economical seals for large dimensions
Simrit says that its butt joint-vulcanised elastomer O-rings and elastomer profiles offer a particularly economical solution for sealing contact areas with large dimensions. A new development means that a secure bond can be achieved between the seal ends of cut-to-size products by applying original (more...)
Elastomer seals offer radiation resistance
Two ranges of Shieldseal elastomers specially developed for use with ionising radiation have been introduced by James Walker, backed with evaluation results from independent test houses and individual customers in the nuclear sector. Shieldseal 500 is a range of three lead-free elastomers for (more...)