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The risks of outdated separators

The risks of outdated separators

Gardner Denver is urging all operators to ensure fitted oil/water separators meet current environmental standards, with out-of-date models carrying the risk of serious fines if the technology is not operating correctly. Many facilities still use outdated oil/water separators that depend on the lubricant rising to the top of the separator as a result of its specific gravity difference to water. Today’s lubricants form an emulsion in the condensate that can only be separated with the latest technology.

If it is not separated correctly and contaminated condensate is disposed of down a drain, then this can lead to significant financial penalties for companies if discovered. The GDSEP range from Gardner Denver has been developed to offer customers a cost-effective, efficient and reliable oil/water separation solution. As condensate flows through the unit, any oil is filtered out through a range of efficient filtration elements. This high-performance solution guarantees an output of less than 10 ppm oil residue, in line with stringent legal standards.

Additionally, as most condensate is water, significant cost savings can be realised by separating the oil from the water. With the cost of disposing of contaminated condensate based on its volume, oil/water separators can dramatically reduce this expense.

Keith Atkinson, product manager at Gardner Denver, explains: “The old-style gravity separation devices are now out-of-date, incapable of meeting current environmental laws and regulations. Furthermore, ergonomic laws were not considered when these older models were developed, which means undertaking element replacement and maintenance can carry a potential risk for the service engineer.

“Our GDSEP range ensures oil and water is separated efficiently, confidently meeting current environmental standards. Easy to install and service, the filtration elements can be monitored by a visual indicator on the unit, so operators can clearly see when an element needs to be replaced.”

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