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New virtual exhibition opens its doors to visitors

New virtual exhibition opens its doors to visitors

Engineers of all disciplines can now get the exhibition experience on their desktop, with the launch of EngineeringExpo - a new concept in exhibitions that recreates exhibition stands in virtual format. Recognising the importance of face-to-face contact as part of the product specification process, EngineeringExpo combines the power of video with the reach of the web to recreate that crucial fact-to-face contact. Vendors are able to better communicate the features and benefits of their products, and visitors are better able to determine whether those products will meet their needs, and indeed whether the vendor is a company they feel comfortable working with.

Marketing manager Nina Mcsorley comments: "There are plenty of things out there that call themselves virtual exhibitions, but what that usually means is either a directory of press releases, or a glitzy 3D rendered front end that takes an age to load, and when you do finally get to a stand of interest and click on it, all you get is text and pictures. Worse still, when you leave the stand, the 3D rendering takes an age to load again before you can move on, and the whole thing quickly becomes a disappointment. It certainly doesn't address visitors' needs.

"EngineeringExpo sets itself apart from these so-called exhibitions by putting real stands, real people and real products in front of visitors, all in video format," she continues. "Crucially, we've dispensed with the unnecessary glitz and showmanship of rendered 3D walkthroughs that quickly become an irritation, and instead give visitors direct access to the virtual stands they want to visit. And we use real video presentations instead of just text and pictures to fully recreate the genuine exhibition experience."

EngineeringExpo has all the features you'd expect from a real exhibition. Visitors can go direct to stands via either company names on the floor plan, or through an A-Z listing of companies, or they can search for suppliers against specific product categories. There is also a growing seminar programme, and an area dedicated specifically to new product launches. Each video provides further information on the products in question, and direct web links to the relevant pages on the supplier's website. 

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