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Air knives hold the key in bike washing booth

Air knives hold the key in bike washing booth It's easy to wash a motorbike, but drying it efficiently and fast is another question altogether. So says Mike Kelland, one of the team responsible for technical development at THI (UK), the Truro-based valeting equipment manufacturer whose jet wash units and other forecourt appliances are marketed and used world wide. When Mike speaks of washing, he is not thinking of DIY with a spray lance. Motowash, the company's latest development, is a fully automated token-in-the-slot wash and dry unit purpose-designed for motorbikes and scooters. It is a world first. Wheel in your dirty machine, set it up, push a button. Eight minutes later, wheel out a sparkling and dry piece of personal transport that the most clothes-aware city type can be comfortable with. All without splashing business suit or immaculate shoes - or risking a damp behind. Thorough drying is the key, according to THI managing director Peter Heaton, and this has been achieved with the help of an air knife of unique design developed by Spraying Systems. "When we began development work on this project we knew that many potential users, attracted by the fast turnaround, could be put off if they had to ride away on a machine that was still part wet. Our programme was being held back because none of the air devices we first tried quite worked. But the Spraying Systems' air knife, fed by an economical regenerative blower, delivers a steady stream of warm air that maintains force and integrity right to the target surface. It's the best solution by far."
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