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Heaters for drums and gas bottles are IECEx certified
Tyco Thermal Controls has now received IECEx Certification for its Isopad range of industrial electric drum and gas-bottle (Read more)

How do you achieve the perfect seal?
Colin Chapman of Henkel, maker of Loctite brand products, provides insight into how modern technology overcomes an ancient and (Read more)

Peter Ehlers of Swagelok looks at ball valve considerations for alternative fuel service.When choosing a shut-off ball valve for (Read more)

Innovative thermowell design improves reliability in oil and gas pipelines
A manufacturer of temperature measurement products has launched a unique design of thermowell that can easily and safely be (Read more)

Looking beyond the purchase price
In times when hardly a news bulletin is made without some reference to a 'global credit crisis' it makes sense to take control of (Read more)