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The new HE2000 power packs from Haldex Hydraulics Systems of Sweden incorporate a modular adaptor, which makes it possible to specify a wide range of different hydraulic circuits for varying functions using combinations of standard components.Among the most important features is the fact that the (more...)
Quick, accurate, reliable dispensing of micro-dot quantities of adhesives, greases, inks and oils is now literally at hand with the Tridak Micro-Dot from Intertronics.Peter Swanson, Intertronics managing director, explains: "The Micro-Dot dispenser is a brilliant little tool - it uses a (more...)
The REG from Kobold Instruments is a simple yet effective device for the automatic control of water flow. Available in a range of preset values from 1-280 L/min, it can be installed in-line to ensure that the maximum desired throughput is never exceeded. Regardless of pressure fluctuations, the (more...)
Miniature pressure sensor has USB output
Futek has just added the PMP943 miniature pressure sensor to its USB sensor solution line. The new module with USB output eliminates the need for an analogue amplifier, power supply, and display equipment making usage that much easier. The plug and play gives you power to monitor the output of the (more...)
Versatile mass flow meter available for CO2 applications
Engineers and technicians responsible for industrial processes that require carbon dioxide or produce CO2 as a byproduct will find the advanced ST75 flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) delivers precise direct mass flow measurement of gases in an easy to install insertion style (more...)
Micro nozzles for delicate washdown applications
A new range of micro wash down nozzles for washing cuvettes, test tubes, 96 well plates and other similar laboratory receptacles as well as purging / drying gas chambers, has been introduced by miniature component specialist Lee Products. They are constructed entirely from 303 and 304 stainless (more...)
Compact, light valve for high pressure charging
A high pressure air charging valve which provides the capability for a reliable manually operated valve that facilitates the charging or bleeding of a high pressure gas system, is now available from Lee Products. The valve's easy-to-use function and leak-proof characteristics make it an ideal choice (more...)
Eliminating the problems of spraying viscous coatings
Applying thick coatings to food products is challenging. Minor temperature variations can turn into major waste - ruined product, scrapped batches, and lost production time. And coating methods such as enrobing and panning are often imprecise, messy and difficult to adapt to different products. But (more...)
The Gast Group has awarded its first Accredited Service Centre status to East Sussex-based Drallim Industries. The award authorises Drallim to service, repair and refurbish Gast 'H' series piston compressors, which are used on compressor desiccator units supplied to British Telecom and on Drallim's (more...)
Four programmable pumps, one drive
There are two features that make the new Verderflex Smart industrial pump an important advance in low pressure dosing. Capable of handling viscous, abrasive or chemically aggressive liquids, it is ideal for applications requiring frequent tube changes. This is because the pump has a specially (more...)
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