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Sludge reduction pays for itself
A dissolved air flotation (DAF) sludge dewatering system installation from GEA Westfalia Separator has helped Hutchings and Harding not only reduce waste disposal costs but also potentially generate income from a new revenue source from their raw material. DAF systems use air to create microbubbles (more...)
Solar powered actuators
Rotork Skilmatic EH electro-hydraulic valve actuators have provided a successful solution for the provision of reliable emergency valve operation on a slurry pipeline in one of the world's most arid, inhospitable and remote locations. The Atacama Desert in north-east Chile is traversed by an eighty (more...)
Sub-zero hot chocolate
What does it take to dispense a welcoming hot beverage in sub-zero ambient temperatures? Verderflex has the answer.For many, hot chocolate is the perfect end to a day's skiing or snowboarding. Yet producing a perfect cup from a vending machine is far from an easy task in sub-zero temperatures. To (more...)
Verder Tube Pumps
Technologies combine to deliver increased plant safety benefits
Geof Brazier of BS&B looks at the advantages of combining rupture disk devices with safety relief valves.A Safety Relief Valve serves an important function in protecting pressurized process systems. To provide further protection, the combination of a relief valve with a rupture disk device is (more...)
The answer for difficult to mix cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Thinky ARV-310 and ARV-5000 planetary mixers really are the answer so far as Intertronics are concerned. Explains MD Peter Swanson: "This equipment is a proven solution to some of the most difficult mixing problems ever found in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They will (more...)
Thermometer for cold water systems
The temperature measuring in cold water systems, like air conditioning, heat exchangers or cooling water circuits in nuclear power plants, often implicates corrosion on pipelines and thermometers due to condensation. For those applications, Baumer offers the bimetal thermometer series TB in a (more...)
Ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications
Krohne has launched the Optisonic V6 - the next generation of ultrasonic gas flowmeters for non-custody transfer applications. The Optisonic V6 sets new standards in accuracy and cost-effectiveness. It has been specifically developed for applications in the production of natural gas and for gas (more...)
Level switch for hazardous areas
For applications in gaseous and dusty surroundings, Baumer offers its FlexLevel Switch 4401 in various ATEX versions. They enable a safe level detection in hazardous areas. The ATEX certifications cover the zones 0, 1 and 2 as well as the zones 20, 21 and 22. The FlexLevel Switch can be easily (more...)
Oil-free compressor is whisper quiet
With the ever growing demand for oil free air to protect pneumatic assemblies and to eliminate routine maintenance, this new HT range offers all the benefits of oil-free air in a silent format, from just 53 dB(A). Utilising an innovative and efficient horizontal twin piston pump unit, this (more...)
Reduce energy costs with new compressor
Atlas Copco has introduced a Carbon Zero range of air compressors equipped with advanced heat recovery systems proven to recover 100% of the electrical energy input in the form of hot water. The compressors can, as a result, dramatically reduce energy costs for a wide range of industries. The unique (more...)