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In the May 2009 issue of Industrial Technology, John Hill, marketing services manger for Parker Hannifin's Pneumatics Division, explains how compressed air costs can be reduced by following seven simple rules.Why not register to receive your own regular copy of Industrial Technology or to download a (more...)
Parker Hannifin
Leak-free pumps suit tough tasks
The DB22 model, which is capable of handling capacities up to 50m3/hr at maximum differential heads up to 45m, has been added to the Finnish Thompson range of plastic magnet-drive centrifugal pumps. Available through Michael Smith Engineers, these leak-free pumps are suitable for most challenging (more...)
Polymer solution prevents heat exchanger deterioration
Belzona Polymerics has a proven solution to prevent the detrimental effects of erosion corrosion within heat exchangers. In-service deterioration can occur through erosion damage and galvanic corrosion due to contact between dissimilar metals, commonly used in the construction of heat exchangers. If (more...)
Pumps enable compact and efficient microscopy
The nEXT range of turbomolecular pumps from Edwards, which are used to create the vacuum systems for laboratory applications such as mass spectrometry and electron microscopy, have been designed to provide high vacuum performance in a compact size. The range offers a wide variety of sizes and (more...)
Metering valves cut lubricant consumption by 25 percent on linear guides
Schaeffler's RUE-E range of roller monorail guidance systems can now be fitted with special lubricant metering valves to ensure that the lubricant is precisely metered under all operating conditions, regardless of the guide's mounting position. This reduces lubricant consumption and reduces (more...)
Wind catcher
Only a few years ago small wind turbines were manufactured using simple mechanical design and control technology. Today this has evolved into increasingly high-tech products which compare well with larger systems. Currently small wind turbines are used mostly for the power supply of houses, (more...)
The instrumentation products division of Parker Hannifin has secured approval for its novel high-pressure Phastite tube and pipe connection system to the ISO 19879 hydraulic applications standard. Testing was performed by TUV Rheinland. The scope of the ISO 19879:2005 standard is 'Metallic tube (more...)
Parker Hannifin
At MEDTEC Tom Parker will be featuring the new SRC coupling from Colder Products Company. It provides medical personnel with a new alternative: a tubing connector that is designed to eliminate potential misconnections that can occur with conventional fittings. In medical settings, accidental tubing (more...)
Improving pump efficiency
Considering that the transfer of fluids accounts for the largest single use of energy worldwide with millions of litres pumped from one location to another every second of every day worldwide, it is quite understandable that all industries would benefit from any solutions aimed at increasing pumping (more...)
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launches its new Turcon Roto VL seal. The seal's compact form makes it ideal for specification in dynamic applications where there is limited space or for fitment into standard O-ring grooves. It is primarily intended for constant service in demanding situations (more...)