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New connector for sterile processes

New connector for sterile processes

Stäubli Connectors Division has introduced a new design of connector that permits sterilisation of the flow stream 'in situ' and prevents disconnection without prior decontamination.

Keeping processes sterile is of vital importance in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors especially where it is necessary for different fluids to be connected during a processing sequence. Stäubli's new connector, CBC 03, provides a safe and easy to use solution. CBC 03 is a flat face, non-spill, quick release connector designed to make sterile process connections and disconnections.

The operation of the connector involves three phases:
Phase 1 - Sterilisation before opening the circuit.
(A sealed enclosure is created, allowing the connection area to be sterilised.)
Phase 2 - Connection and opening of the circuit aseptically.
Phase 3 - Closure and decontamination before disconnection.

Each of these phases are performed sequentially utilising in built valves and locking systems that either close the main circuit or open the flow of sterilisation agent as required.

Mechanical interlocking ensures that the sterilisation phase has to be performed before the main circuit is opened. Similarly the coupling cannot be disconnected without passing through the decontamination phase. The appropriate positions for the valves controlling this flow sequence are clearly shown on the body of the connector.

A typical application is in vaccine research where the use of the CBC 03 coupling allows sterile connection and disconnection of different liquids into the bioreactor. Other applications include sampling systems in both biopharma and cosmetic laboratories where a range of liquids need to be tested and evaluated under sterile conditions.

Stäubli have a range of connectors specifically designed for use in medical devices and pharmaceutical applications. Experienced Stäubli engineers are able to provide advice on the most suitable connection solution for any application, ensuring excellent long term performance and safe operation with the minimum of maintenance.

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