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Eliminating the problems of spraying viscous coatings

Eliminating the problems of spraying viscous coatings
Applying thick coatings to food products is challenging. Minor temperature variations can turn into major waste - ruined product, scrapped batches, and lost production time. And coating methods such as enrobing and panning are often imprecise, messy and difficult to adapt to different products. But with AccuCoat from Spraying Systems, all of these problems are overcome, and this heated spray system offers many other benefits besides which can help to improve quality, increase production time and lower operating costs.

Key to the system is its precise temperature control, ensuring the liquid temperature is maintained not only in the tank but all the way to the target. An AutoJet spray controller monitors multiple temperature sensors in the hot water circuit that surrounds the liquid lines, and automatically adjusts to maintain the desired temperature. Liquid lines and spray nozzles are fully jacketed, and air lines can be heated to ensure the coating flows evenly through the system without burning. As a result, waste and production downtime due to coatings that are too hot or too cold are eliminated.

Accurate spray placement is ensured by cycling the automatic spray nozzles on and off. The system controller ensures the proper volume is dispensed when the target is in the spray zone. Unlike high pressure spray systems where misting, overspray and bounce back result in waste of costly ingredients and excessive clean-up, the low pressure AccuCoat system coats the target with minimal excess. And an even coat with minimal waste means less maintenance time, lower labour costs, and increased production uptime.

The AccuCoat heated spray system automatically adjusts for line speed changes, so production lines can always operate at peak efficiency. Multiple batch modes can be preset, eliminating the need for operators to make manual spray adjustments and minimising changeover times. The AccuCoat system can be used in a wide variety of food coating applications, in every case helping to improve quality and productivity. Spraying Systems sees typical applications in spraying chocolate, sugar slurries and glazes on baked goods, spraying chocolate on ice cream desserts and inside ice cream cones, spraying oil and butter coatings on bread, crackers and cakes for browning, spraying butter on sandwiches, and spraying other food coatings, ingredients and barriers that are solid or viscous at room temperature.
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