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No more misconnections or spills

No more misconnections or spills
The new SRC coupling from Colder Products Company provides medical personnel with a new alternative: a tubing connector that is designed to eliminate potential misconnections that can occur with luer fittings. 

In medical settings, accidental tubing misconnections to the wrong line or device, such as an air hose to an intravenous line, can be extremely dangerous to patients, if not deadly. As a result, the SRC coupling is an excellent choice for a wide range of liquid media and gas applications such as blood and bodily fluid handling, and air driven devices. 

"The SRC is a safer small bore connector for medical tubing applications," says Jim Brown, medical business unit manager. "Not only does it eliminate the potential for dangerous tubing misconnections with luer fittings, it has a more secure latch design and allows tubing rotation to prevent accidental disconnections or kinked tubing. 

"We've now added a panel mount option to our SRC line to meet customer's requests fittings; it is constructed of chrome-plated brass to offer durability and an attractive appearance." 

The intuitive design is simple to use and provides an audible 'click' for added assurance of a secure, leak-free connection. There is no twisting required to connect tubing. Users simply push the two halves together for an obvious, secure connection.
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