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Revolutionary design for maintain in place pump

Revolutionary design for maintain in place pump
Mono NOV has launched EZstrip, a revolutionary new pump, which can be 'Maintained-in-Place' (MIP), turning a day-long maintenance operation into a simple 30 minute job. The company claims this innovative pump is the biggest leap forward in progressing cavity (PC) pump design for 30 years and is an extension of Mono's popular Compact C Range. The EZstrip has been specifically designed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a PC pump in-situ, eliminating the costly maintenance and down time that servicing can often cause.

Commenting on the launch of the EZstrip, Simon Lambert, Mono's general manager for Europe, says: "We surveyed our customer base in the waste water industry to find out what common problems they were facing. The overriding response was that ragging was becoming a serious problem, primarily because more and more unsuitable items are finding their way into the sewers. Current options available to engineers are limited, time consuming and in some cases unsafe. Our aim was to produce a pump that would minimise plant downtime and maintenance and with the new EZstrip pump we have more than met the challenge. 

"Once we addressed the ragging issue we realised the potential of this product to minimise the time and cost involved in every aspect of maintaining a PC pump. On average, the EZstrip can reduce the maintenance time needed to replace a rotor, stator, coupling rod and drive train by 95%. The average time to completely strip down a pump and replace the drive train elements is one full day; the Mono EZstrip reduces this to just a 30 minute job.

"Many of our customers can't believe that it is possible to de-rag and maintain a pump so quickly," continues Lambert. "So we have produced a video, which is now posted on our website. This shows just how easy the EZstrip makes de-ragging and maintenance of a PC pump - using just spanners and an Allen key."

According to the company, the 2-minute video has become a surprise hit, featuring on numerous industry websites and e-bulletins as well as on Mono's website. Nichola Somerville, Mono's group marketing manager, comments: "The reduced maintenance time offered by the EZstrip is so revolutionary, it's almost unbelievable which is why we needed to produce a video demonstrating how quickly it could be de-ragged in place in real time. Take up and viewing of the video provides an indication of the impact that EZstrip is having on the industry."
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