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Metering valves cut lubricant consumption by 25 percent on linear guides

Metering valves cut lubricant consumption by 25 percent on linear guides Schaeffler's RUE-E range of roller monorail guidance systems can now be fitted with special lubricant metering valves to ensure that the lubricant is precisely metered under all operating conditions, regardless of the guide's mounting position. This reduces lubricant consumption and reduces maintenance and service costs, preserving resources for the customer. 

This is made possible because of several key design factors. First, Schaeffler uses a patented injection moulding technology to produce the saddle plate, which, combined with the various connection options for relubrication at the front, rear and side of the carriage end, and the special design of the end pieces - the lubricant is directed precisely at the rolling elements. This not only minimises relubrication quantities, but also improves the reliability of the guide and is kinder to the environment.

John Loonam, linear product specialist at Schaeffler UK comments: "The O-rings in a standard linear guidance system are replaced with the SMDS metering valves. A paper seal is placed between the end plate and the lubrication duct, which prevents leakage of the lubricant from the ends, resulting in a reduction of more than 25 percent in lubricant consumption com-pared to standard designs. Only one valve per side and rolling element loop is required and one lubrication connector per carriage."
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