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Innovative cup seal for high speed bottling

Innovative cup seal for high speed bottling
Improving safety and performance are the key benefits resulting from the reduction of glass inclusion in the bottle filling process in leading breweries, wineries and soft drink manufacturers, thanks to Super Seal, a new cup seal. The revolutionary Super Seal has been developed by Uni-Spray, represented in the UK and Europe by BETE.

The device is intended to replace rubber based seals and centering cups which are used extensively in the North American bottling industry as part of the rapid automated process of filling glass bottles with a wide range of drinks. Uni-Spray designed new polyurethane seals and centering cups, including a patented auto-decontamination system, a combination which significantly reduced instances of glass inclusion. 

The polyurethane material (which is FDA approved) also provided increased lifespan - on average twice the life of a comparable cup seal manufactured from a rubber based material. A secondary benefit of the polyurethane material is its ability to be easily colour coded, so helping users and maintenance staff to correctly identify the right cup seal for the right bottle filler. The Super-Seal cup seal has applications wherever high-speed bottling is required for a wide range of liquids such as beer, wines, ciders, water or carbonated drinks.

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