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Miniature pumps help make a smaller machine, better

Miniature pumps help make a smaller machine, better

A new range of miniature dispense pumps which are designed to meet the increasing demand for machine components which need to be smaller, yet  capable of providing a precise, repeatable and reliable performance, have been introduced by Lee Products. The pumps are available in three types, high and standard performance LPV models, along with LPL solenoid pumps, in a range of full stroke volumes from  50 micro litres to 3000 micro litres.


These pumps, which are an ideal alternative to conventional syringe or peristaltic pumps, combine a compact, lightweight design, with low power consumption so they can be located wherever fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of maintenance accessibility. 


They are designed for consistent, repeatable performance, with a CV as low as 0.04 percent at full stroke, volume resolution as small as 0.04 micro litres. Thanks to the use of chemically inert construction materials, Lee pumps are maintenance-free, providing users with the assurance of a reliable operating life of 5,000,000 cycles minimum. 


The range provides engineers with optimum flexibility as the high performance LPV models combine speed, size and accuracy with small dispense volumes from 0.04 up to 1.0 micro litres and pressures to 95 psi, the standard LPV models offer the same reliable, repeatable performance on a smaller scale, with dispense volumes from 0.01 up to 1.5 micro litres and pressures to 15 psi, while the LPL solenoid models enable consistent, fixed volume dispensing from 50 up to 130 micro litres (depending on configuration).                        


Lee pumps are ideal for a wide range of automated liquid handling applications such as systems for in-vitro diagnostics, scientific instrumentation, drug discovery, or wherever high precision, reliable fluids transfer is needed, on a miniature scale.

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