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Hygienic replaceable process connections

Hygienic replaceable process connections
With the CombiConnect system, Baumer offers a series of hygienic, replaceable connections allowing high flexibility and reducing the stock at the same time. The system can be used with the FlexBar and ED701 pressure transmitters as well as with the CombiTemp temperature measuring device. It is the ideal choice when you're measuring temperature and pressure in different environments with several process conditions. Due to its flexible application, the stock of spare parts can be greatly reduced. 

CombiConnect allows the use of only one standard process connection on a pressure and temperature transmitter which then can be fitted to numerous different process connections with the CombiConnect adaptor pieces. The mounting of a pressure or temperature measuring device takes less than two minutes. 

By using a configurable pressure transmitter, the number of required spare transmitters can be further reduced, for example by having only two transmitters, one for lower and higher pressure each. Since the pressure ranges are configurable, the devices can be adjusted to the exact requirements of any particular application. With the CombiConnect system, the process connection can be adapted to fit in the application. The CombiConnect connections are made of acid-proof stainless steel. The products meet the demands of the food industry fulfilling the FDA and EHEDG criteria.

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