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Bottling solution is in the bag

When Knight Warner Limited was presented with a very specific design brief for a new bottle debagging machine, Siemens A&D's expertise and technology meant the company was able to rise to the challenge.

There were several things the Knight Warner design team had to factor in. The customer wanted the new machine to be capable of much greater speeds than its existing line without increasing its footprint and that line integration of the new machine had to be simple, efficient, cost-effective and reliable. In addition, it was also paramount that the lightweight bottles going through the machine remained stable and that required feed speeds of bottles per minute were also met.

In order to meet the objectives of the design brief, Knight Warner needed to design a machine that could achieve accurate and seamless control, moving the bottles smoothly throughout the debagging process. By opting for Siemens' servo drives in all main movements, together with a front retaining mechanism and vacuum, Knight Warner ensured bottle stability despite the fact the bottles would be moving in single file and at a very high speed into a filling system.
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