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Condition monitoring for gas compressor

When engineers at Peter Brotherhood were faced with the task of adding 24/7 condition monitoring to another manufacturer's reciprocating gas compressor, they decided to incorporate vibration-monitoring accelerometers from Variohm-Eurosensor. They are part of a complete condition monitoring system on the compressor, which is used for compressing natural gas. The natural gas is used as fuel for gas turbines generator sets supplying electricity to the national grid. Because of the potentially explosive environment in which the compressor is used the Peter Brotherhood engineers elected to use the Wilcoxon models 786-IS and 786T-IS both of which are ATEX approved units with a dynamic output biased at 12V DC. Vibration monitoring is a useful diagnostic tool when used in preventative maintenance programmes. In this particular application they are used to measure the vibration and temperature of the suction/delivery valves as well as the vibration generated by the crankshaft and drive motor. This vibration would normally be a settled, regular and predicable pattern. If the measured output changes from the norm this normally means that some form of adjustment or maintenance is required. The big advantage here is that maintenance can be scheduled to suit the user rather than having to be carried out on an emergency basis.
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