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Bonomi ball valves gain SIL certification
Bonomi (UK) ball valve supplier Valpres has obtained SIL certification for its Series 70, 71, 72, 73 and 76, 2-Way industrial ball valves. Safety Integrity Level or ‘SIL’ in its abbreviated form, is a parameter relating to the functional safety integrity of industrial plants in the (Read more)
A leading provider to the environmental and industrial sectors has been leveraging the performance attributes of Bredel hose pumps (Read more)

Sheffield based VHS Hydraulic Components Ltd who specialise in producing power packs and supplying a vast range of hydraulic (Read more)

Many oils and fluids are subject to contamination by condensation and water. The various hygroscopic characteristics and (Read more)

Eaton has recently completed a major investment into its UK training centre in Havant UK. Eaton has been offering hydraulics (Read more)

The new generation of PN sensors from IFM Electronic combines the tried-and-tested strengths with a considerably increased (Read more)
Lead Story from Lee Products
Zero leak check valves excel in extreme conditions
As companies involved in oil and gas exploration and production continue to push the boundaries into deeper wells and more hostile environments, the reliable operation of drilling, completion and (Read more)
Liquids and Gas Story
Flowmeter for applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness
The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises offers an ideal solution for flow monitoring applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness such as are found in the pharmaceutical, (Read more)